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London, England
ACF MINISTRY PARTNERS-Christopher Cowell  01276 709474 E-mail; James Fraser 44148 3504107 E-mail.

Helsinki, Finland
FCAP CONTACT-Samuel Saresvirta (358)040- 5412022.

Frankfurt, Germany
FCAP CONTACT-Gottfried Schmidt (06198) 307270 E-mail; Arno Rentsch 07250 8759. For more information:

Hamburg, Germany
FCAP Contacts - Elisabeth and Gerd von Allwoerden (0)40-53670541 E-mail; Arne Jahn (0)4532- 21783 E-mail. Christian Prayer Service LH-HAM is held every par calendar week on Tuesday at 12:00 o'clock, Building 110, Room 193.  Christian Breakfast LH-HAM is held every odd numbered calendar week on Tuesday at 8:30 o'clock in Canteen 1. For more information:

Munich, Germany
FCAP-Ulli Stengel (09181) 299441 E-mail.

Stuttgart, Germany
FCAP CONTACT-Daniel Schwarz 0157-89158882 E-mail.

Keflavik, Iceland
FCAP CONTACTS-Thordis Karlsdottir/ Kristinn Asgrimsson (354)421-3993 E-mail.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
FELLOWSHIP-Ruud and Gabriëlle Mente E-mail, Ricardo and Gea Slijngard 033-8882795, Henk and Marjet Van Klinken (036)536-2572.  For information on meetings, visit the FCAP-Amsterdam web site at

Basel, Switzerland
FELLOWSHIP-Marc Gsell 061-281-1752.

Geneva, Switzerland
FELLOWSHIP-Fritz Zeder 022-797-0611.

Zurich, Switzerland
FELLOWSHIP-Marc Oppliger +41 79 659 7035, Stefan Heusser (044)954-0586, Daniel Stulz (052)318-1942, DoraGasser (044)312-2997, Eliane Bakaus +41 79 287 2339 E-mailMeets in the Zurich Airport Chapel on first Tuesday of every month at 8 p.m.  Flight Attendant Prayer Breakfast also meets monthly (contact Eliane Bakaus for details).



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