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What we are about

The FCAP Vision "Our prayer and desire in FCAP is to see God connect Christians together into groups in every area of the airline workplace throughout the world; so that people in airports, offices, technical centers and in-flight operations will have an opportunity to see the presence of the Living God working through the lives of His people on the job.”(Read- full version)

The FCAP Mission states that we…Represent Christ in the airlines through meaningful relationships and quality work. We are not trying to add more time or event to our life or busy work schedule. Instead we learn to capture the opportunities that are already are around us daily in the workplace.

Think About It… By the time you retire, you will have spent approximately 90,000 hours on the job. Also at the same time you retire, if you went to church regularly you will have spent approximately 5,000 hours in church. So…at the end of your career how would you describe the years spent in your workplace... was it a spiritual wasteland or a spiritual harvest field?

The Ministry of FCAP seeks to encourage and equip God’s people so they’ll have a HARVEST! How?...By making having the right connects spiritually with regard to their work and workplace! The airline industry is all about making connections for people in places. Just as the airlines are a means of connecting people with destinations, so FCAP is a means for Christians to make their connections in airline workplace.

We are “Making Our Connection” within the Airline Industry in the following ways: (Article: Making our Connection)

  1. Our Connection with God in our Workplace: This is first and foremost, our connecting with God view of work…which exceeds the company or union’s view. God’s view provides us the best reason for going to work and doing our job. To be a Christian in the workplace starts by our working with God’s view of work. This is higher than that of the company, though it will not conflict with it. Instead it will benefit our company and bring an influence to our workplace. (Article: A Higher Calling)
  2. Our Connection with People in the Workplace: connect people, because ministry is about people connecting with people there. This is done by forming groups when people have a place and regular time to meet. Or it is creatively done as people connect in forming a network where people in a local area stay connected through email, prayer request and information that about opportunities to help people around us. (Article:  Extraordinary Ministry)
  3. Our Connection with Ministry in the workplace: Ministry in the workplace is not about creating events or importing church programs into your work…it is about capturing the opportunities in both the good and difficult situations that are around you every day. (Consider the Legacy of: Clarence Peoples)

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